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Our company is established in 1991, besides the 2 main offices, we have our own transportation tools and two associate companies. One in China which manufactures and selling of L.V. Switchboards, control panels and distribution boards; the other one is a retails shop in Wanchai which supplies the equipment and electrical products so that we can have a steady supply and competitive price on our products.

In the past years, our products have got the approved certificates: HITCO, GCK/HITCO and SANCO. HITCO ASTA type tested certificates; GCK/HITCO ISO9001/2000 and 3C (Certificate for China Compulsory Product Certification); SANCO IP55 & IP42. In year 2002, out company also got the 6000A L.V. Switchboard ASTA EN BS60439-1 Type Test Certificate. This is now the maximum capacity standard in L.V. Switchboard, we are the first L.V. Switchboard registered manufactuter to obtain this certificate in Hong Kong. Our company always keep in pace with the newest safety standard to reach world level.

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